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About Us

As a child, I often fiddled with small stones, magnets, or metal objects. I didn't think about the reasons; it was just something I liked to do. My fidgeting habits continued without much thought until my diagnosis of ADHD as an adult. After the diagnosis, I read numerous books and articles about ADHD and the brain science behind fidgeting (check out the resources section).  Now, I understand why these simple items have had such a positive effect in my life. They have given my restless hands something to do which has helped my brain focus and relax.

Fidgeting has proven positive effects for children and adults with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, and other disorders. However, fidgeting also has positive effects for people without a specific disorder. Fidgeting is something most people do without even realizing it. It stimulates thinking, eases stress, calms nerves, and alleviates anxiety. It also gives people something to do if they feel restless or bored. Fidgeting can even help to stop nail biting, smoking and overeating!

With my new understanding about fidgeting, I began to research various types of fidgets online. I began experimenting making my own fidgets using materials that would likely end up in a landfill. When I shared some of my fidgets with other people, including teachers and counselors, they asked if they could purchase some. Such positive feedback made me realize that my fidgets could help many different people of all ages. Since most of my adult working life has been immersed in the digital world, this realization, and the rediscovery that I absolutely love to make things with my hands led to Fidgetopia.

All fidgets are made by hand using repurposed and thoughtfully sourced materials. There are no factory production lines here, nor will there be. I take great care in making each fidget and pay extra attention to the smallest of details. Fidgets made with repurposed materials may have cosmetic variations that in no way affect usability.

Thank you for visiting Fidgetopia. I personally use each fidget that I sell and continue to improve and create new variations so check back often. I hope you find that these fidgets have a positive effect on your life like they have on mine!

Spring Lake, Michigan