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As a helping professional, I appreciate the way I can use these fidgets with my clients, honoring their energy and creativity while helping to bring that energy into focus for our work together. I have a collection of fidgets in my office for my clients to use during our sessions. It is not uncommon to have nervous energy or general restlessness, and providing these fidgets as an option for clients to use helps to ease their concern or embarrassment about being a fidgeter!  Not only are they fun and interesting, but these fidgets have helped my office to be even more of an accepting and shame-free space.   

Amy B. Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist


I am a Special Education Paraprofessional at the middle/high school levels. I have started carrying Fidgets with me to help my students, who suffer from ADHD and/or anxiety, stay focused on test taking and other class assignments. They have worked WONDERS!

It was very interesting the first time I suggested a student to use the Fidget....I was given a look as if I had lost my mind. Then the student tried it and did not put it down until their test was done. I could see the student begin to relax within the first five minutes of having the Fidget in his hands! 

Thank you Fidgetopia!!

Special Education Paraprofessional
Middle School/High School

Your products and customer service is amazing!  I will be back for more and also be telling everyone I know about your store.

Mike C.
Beamsville, Canada 


I have purchased a variety of fidgets in the past couple months and use them daily. I pass them out to my clients during their session. The fidgets help to reduce tension/stress and improve their attention/concentration skills. Both children and adults love them!

Martha S.
Speech Therapist


You could've given me a diamond ring and I wouldn't have been as happy!

Guidance Counselor
Middle School/High School 


We need more fidgets!

7th Grade English


I get it now...I can't put it down! Your dad needs his own.

My Mom ( she still counts)


I love my fidget. I use it often, especially when awaiting my name being called at the doctor' office and during TV commercials. My daughter made it and that's what really matters most to me.

My Dad (maybe a little bias but true nonetheless!)


I gave that fidget thing you sent me to my son and he won't give it back to me.

My Best Friend from High School ( she still counts too)